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Venue Feature: Château du Grand-Lucé

March 19, 2021

Château du Grand-Lucé Wedding Venue in France


Château du Grand-Lucé Wedding Venue in France
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Wedding Venue Feature

Château du Grand-Lucé Wedding

Château du Grand-Lucé is a stunning Neoclassical wedding venue in the French countryside known for its impeccable design and luxurious experiences. A Château du Grand-Lucé wedding is nothing short of magical, making it one of the most sought-after venues in France.

Château du Grand-Lucé Gardens
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South of Paris in the Loire Valley, Château du Grand-Lucé has hosted discerning travelers for centuries. The château was originally built in 1760, and has been exquisitely restored.

In our venue guide, we’ve outlined what makes Château du Grand-Lucé one of the best wedding venues in France.

Château du Grand-Lucé Interior Design
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Lavish Interiors

Destined for the most beautiful of soirées, Château du Grand-Lucé is unapologetically chic. Reimagined suites, ballrooms, and salons are a stunning tribute to its noble provenance and rich history. Meant to host royalty and the profound philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment, the château brings Parisienne sophistication to the Loire Valley.

Château du Grand-Lucé Venue
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Château du Grand-Lucé is built from creamy white tuffeau, a specific and unique French limestone quarried in the village of Le Grand-Lucé. The floors throughout the is forty-five thousand square feet château are French white oak and limestone, and the storied walls feature original boiserie.

Château du Grand-Lucé Venue Interior Design
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The château also features custom textiles from French luminaries like Jean-Paul Gaultier. Simply put, no detail was overlooked in the design of Château du Grand-Lucé.

Château du Grand-Lucé Accommodations
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Luxe Accommodations

The Neoclassical palace offers the most luxurious of accommodations for your guests that would certainly inspire even the Baron de Lucé himself. The château features seventeen rooms and suites thoughtfully designed to translate the splendor of the eighteenth century.

In addition to the unparalleled splendor in room design, the accommodations feature some of the finest amenities, like luxurious soft robes and lavender scented pillows bedside. Private valet service once expected for a nobleman has been recreated for guests. Each room and suite is stocked with products by the incomparable Buly 1803, a famed French brand dating back to the late eighteenth century.

Immersive Guest Experience

Couples carefully select their venues for destination weddings. With guests traveling great distances to join the celebration, destination wedding couples put great emphasis on an incredible experience for their guests. Château du Grand-Lucé excels in this area.

Afternoon Sancerre from local vineyards in the manicured classical French gardens, relaxed poolside lounging, bicycling in the forest, massages at the spa, and picnic baskets with from the village of Le Grand-Lucé are just a few of the authentic experiences you can offer your guests during their stay. The cuisine is a subtly modern approach to elevated farm-to-table dining with seasonal produce and herbs from the potager gardens. At Château du Grand-Lucé, dishes are decidedly French and impossibly fresh

Château du Grand-Lucé Wedding Venue
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Plan Your Wedding at Château du Grand-Lucé

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to begin planning your Château du Grand-Lucé wedding in France. We specialize in destination weddings in France and the attention to detail, expert planning, and flawless production they require for an unparalleled experience.


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