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June 20, 2024

floral bridesmaid dresses


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Floral bridesmaid dresses are incredibly chic for spring and summer weddings. A floral print bridesmaid dress is perfect for pops of vibrant color and texture in your palette. From delicate pastels to colorful prints, floral bridesmaid dresses can be styled for a variety of color palettes.

The art of styling a mismatched floral bridal party is a balance of color palette, texture, and silhouettes. When done right, mismatched bridesmaids dresses are incredibly chic. A mismatched bridal party also allows each bridesmaid to choose a dress that best suits her. This gives bridesmaids more comfort, and a dress she’ll want to wear again and again, even after the wedding day.

In today’s post, we’re sharing some of our favorite floral bridesmaid dress ideas in a variety of color palettes, silhouettes, and budgets.

Soft Pink Floral Column Bridesmaid Dress with Train

Sage Green Corset Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress

Hydrangea Blue Floral Silk Bridesmaid Dress

Light Blue Floral Silk Bridesmaid Dress

Embroidered Pink Floral Midi Bridesmaid Dress

Strapless Green and White Floral Print Bridesmaid Dress

Pearl and Crystal Trim Corset Blue Floral Bridesmaid Dress

Ruffle Light Yellow Floral Bridesmaid Dress

Vibrant Blue Floral Print Strapless Bridesmaid Dress

Cameo Rose Floral Print Silk Bridesmaid Dress

Draped Silk Blue Floral Bridesmaid Dress

Embroidered Floral Applique Bridesmaid Dress

Off the Shoulder Corset Pink and Red Floral Midi Bridesmaid Dress

Strapless Corset Light Blue Floral Bridesmaid Dress

Rose Floral Print Bridesmaid Dress

Strapless Red and Pink Floral Print Bridesmaid Dress

Floral Jacquard Bridesmaid Dress

Sweetheart Midi Floral Bridesmaid Dress

One-Shoulder Blue and White Floral Bridesmaid Dress

Pastel Floral Brocade Bridesmaid Dress

Tie-Neck Pink and Yellow Floral Print Bridesmaid Dress

Blush Floral Bridesmaid Dress

Corset Ruffle Side Slit Sage Floral Bridesmaid Dress

Lilac Rose Floral Bridesmaid Dress

Puff Sleeve Midi Vibrant Floral Print Bridesmaid Dress

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