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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist

February 9, 2024


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What Should Be in a Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

Wedding day emergency kits can be a lifesaver with solutions to the problems that often pop up on wedding days. Accidents, spills, and unforeseen mishaps happen at weddings. The key is to be as prepared for them as possible.

The best case scenario is that you won’t need your wedding day emergency kit items, but if the unforeseen happens, you’ll be so glad you have it. So what should be in a wedding day emergency kit?

In our list, we’ve created a list of items from our wedding day emergency kit. Our recommendations range from personal care products and fashion to vendors and wedding day logistics. You can shop all of our picks here and find the list below.

The First Step: Start Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit Early

Our first tip: start collecting your emergency kit items well before the wedding day. Trying to find everything you need the week of the wedding is unnecessarily stressful. Set aside a corner or small area of your home where you can store wedding-related items and start collecting everything you need. Then when the wedding day comes, you’re all set!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Personal Care

There are a variety of personal care items we always recommend bringing on your wedding day. Personal care items ensure you’re comfortable and can handle little mishaps.

Health & Medicine

  • Mini First Aid Kit
  • Allergy Medication
  • Pepto Bismol
  • Pain Reliever
  • Period Products
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Floss
  • Mints
  • Eye Drops/Contact Solution


  • Hand Lotion: Our personal favorite is this one by First Aid Beauty— perfect for dry, irritated, sensitive skin and eczema.
  • Sunscreen: Bring your normal, everyday facial sunscreen for application before makeup, and consider a powder sunscreen for easy application over makeup. Check with your hair and makeup artist to be sure everything works with your wedding hair and makeup. Be sure to bring body sunscreen to avoid burns, especially for outdoor weddings. We love this convenient roll-on option for easy application, but as a mineral formula it definitely has a white cast.
  • Baby Wipes: Make sure to bring sensitive, unscented wipes.
  • Your Everyday Moisturizer: Bring your tried and true moisturizer in case of dryness.
  • Oil Cleanser/Makeup Remover: Make sure you have a makeup remover to fully cleanse your skin at the end of the night. This is up to your preference, but we find makeup wipes aren’t as effective as makeup removing cleansers for wedding day makeup. We love this cleansing oil.


From Your Hair and Makeup Artist

Your hair and makeup artist will likely have a mini touch-up kit for you. The kit should include minis of some of your products, like a mini lipstick in your shade. A mini touch-up kit is perfect for refreshing your look throughout the day.

Your hair and makeup artist is a great resource for product advice tailored to your skin and hair type. It’s a good idea to consult your hair and makeup artist to ask what recommendations they have for you.

Wedding Emergency Kit Fashion Items

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Miscellaneous Items

  • Super Glue
  • Floral Tape: For a quick fix to a bouquet mishap.
  • Stick-Um: If you’ll have taper candles at your wedding, Stick-Um is great for stabilizing your candles in their holders to prevent them falling. Just be sure to check with your rental company if you’re renting your candle holders.
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Tape
  • Glue Dots: These are great for discreetly adhering something, like escort cards or invitations trying to blow away in the wind during flat lay photos.
  • Straws
  • Phone Charger
  • Umbrellas: It’s a good idea to pack a few cute, photogenic umbrellas in case of rain.
  • Power Strip: An extra power strip in the getting ready room can help navigate tons of phone chargers and electronics with limited outlets.

For Vendors

While vendors and the wedding party should receive your wedding day timeline and contact sheet before the wedding day, it’s a good idea to bring some printed copies for easy reference. For the printed documents, we recommend bringing a folder to keep everything organized and easy to access.

  • Cash: It’s good to have some cash on-hand just in case.
  • Cash Tips: If any of your vendors are being tipped in cash, get cash ahead of time then organize the tips into individual envelopes for each vendor to stay organized.
  • Printed Wedding Day Timeline: Bring printed copies of your wedding day timeline for easy reference.
  • Printed Floor Plans: Bring printed copies of your floor plans for the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception just in case anyone has questions.
  • Contact Sheet: Bring printed copies of a contact sheet listing all your vendors and the day-of contact name and number for each vendor. This list should be given to your wedding planner, event manager, or designated point of contact on the wedding day.

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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