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Our Top Tips for Wedding Websites

April 30, 2024

wedding website tips


wedding website tips
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Your wedding website is an amazing tool for your wedding planning. A well-made wedding website can help you organize RSVPs and give information while avoiding countless texts from guests. A great wedding website can save you so much time and simplify your process.

This is especially true for destination weddings. Destination weddings tend to have more details to share with guests. Accommodations, transportation, local recommendations, activities, wedding-related events, and dress code are just a few of the important pieces of information guests need to know. With a wedding website, you can prepare all of this information to easily share with guests for an amazing guest experience and peace of mind for you.

But what does a good wedding website look like? It seems like most couples have a wedding website now, but most of them are not utilized to their fullest potential. In this post, we’re going to explore our top tips for creating a wedding website that saves you time and creates the best possible experience for your guests.

Create a Wedding Website That Anticipates Guests’ Questions

Most wedding websites simply include the wedding date, venue, and ceremony time. Instead, use your wedding website as a tool to avoid confusion.

When you’re creating your wedding website, think of yourself as a guest. What questions would you have? What information would be helpful? As a guest at others’ weddings, what questions did you have?

For example, if you have arranged guest transportation from your hotel block to the venue, did you just list the pick-up time? It would be best to also list additional details, like meeting in the hotel lobby. Little details like this can avoid guest confusion and late guests.

Anticipating the needs of your guests helps you to create a wedding website that will avoid countless texts and emails. Think of your wedding specifically and imagine yourself as a guest. If you’re having a summer garden wedding, it would likely make sense to give helpful advice beyond dress code. For example, you could recommend airy fabrics for warm weather, or comfortable shoes for outdoors.

You could even share a guest style moodboard. The visual aid can be really helpful for guests struggling to know what to wear. In one of our previous weddings, the couple had a spring pastels color palette on a very warm day. We created a style guide for their guests that gave them some ideas for airy chic summer dresses and linen suits perfect for a garden fête.

Similar to seating assignments, some couples worry that a style guide may be too much for guests. When it comes to events, we often find the opposite. Guests tend to appreciate direction and guidance. Giving guests guidance on things like where to sit and what to wear helps relieve anxiety.

For must-haves for the wedding day, you check out our Wedding Day Emergency Kit for our list of essentials we always have on-hand on wedding days.

Examples of Guest FAQs

Here are some examples of guest questions to anticipate:

  • Transportation: Will transportation be provided? If so, where and when is the pick-up?
  • Directions: If transportation is not provided, list the address linked to Maps and provide directions.
  • Parking: If transportation is not provided, what parking conditions should we expect?
  • Dress Code: What should guests wear? Is there any helpful information to share regarding climate or the venue?
  • Accommodations: If accommodations are provided, add your unique booking link or phone number.
  • Hotel Block: If you’re offering a hotel block option, add the booking link and deadline (if applicable).
  • Registry: If you have a registry, provide details and/or a link.
  • Related Events Itinerary: If there are wedding-related events that all guests are invited to like a farewell brunch, be sure to add the itinerary and details.

When you provide more information, be sure to organize the site well and highlight the most important pieces of information. Create different pages (Accommodations, Dress Code, Transportation, RSVP, etc.) to make information easy to find.

Putting important information in bold or larger text is perfect for this. This way, all the information is available for guests who want to read it and it’s also easy for guests to skim for the highlights.

Streamline Your Wedding Website for Guest Information

Your wedding website is the perfect place to gather guest information in an organized way. When sending out your save the dates, list your URL to get guests familiar with your wedding website. You can add more information to your wedding website as your wedding planning progresses.

Rather than creating a simple yes/no RSVP form, ask guests to clarify. Ask guests to list the names of those attending rather than the traditional “number of seats reserved in their honor.” Your website form should feed into a spreadsheet, and this method auto-fills your spreadsheet for you with specifics.

In addition to asking for their meal selection (if applicable), be sure to ask them to list any dietary restrictions or allergies. You can relay this to your caterer to ensure there are no issues and accommodations are made.

Personalize Your Wedding Website for an Amazing Guest Experience

Personalize your wedding website to create the best possible guest experience. Think of it as a mini travel guide curated by you. If you’re getting married in the city you live, you could list your favorite pizza place or local spots. You could mention personal spots as part of your story, like the coffee shop where you had your first date.

If you’re having a destination wedding, you can really share your destination with your guests. Share your favorite spots, from food to art to experiences. Many couples choose a destination for their wedding because it’s special to them. Share that with your guests so they can get a glimpse of your destination through your eyes.

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