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Wedding Planning Spring Cleaning Checklist

March 20, 2024


Your wedding planning can be overwhelming. With so many details and moving pieces, it’s can be hard to keep everything organized. While it’s not easy, staying organized is our top tip for reducing your stress and being mindful of your wedding budget. We created a wedding planning spring cleaning checklist to help couples stay organized and on-track.

In today’s post, we’ve put together a spring cleaning checklist for your wedding planning.

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Wedding Planning Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean Up Your Wedding Email Inbox: First, check your inbox. If your wedding email inbox is full of vendor replies, proposals, and invoices, clean up your inbox for a fresh start. Organize emails into the appropriate folders to stay organized. For emails that need replies, wait for the next step. (And if you don’t have a wedding-only email address, it’s a game changer. Read about it here.)
  • Get Your Wedding Email Inbox to Zero: While this can feel like an undertaking, set aside some time to reply to those emails you’ve been meaning to address.
  • Revisit Your Wedding Contracts: Check your contracts for your booked vendors to ensure you’ve added all the listed deadlines like final guest count deadlines and payment due dates. Make sure to set reminders, too.
  • Update Your Wedding Calendar: Next, add any dates missing on your wedding calendar. Have you booked any fittings, tastings, or meetings?
  • Update Your Wedding Budget: Add any new commitments to your wedding budget spreadsheet. Have you booked any new vendors? Did any estimates change?
  • Revisit Your Guest Count: Depending on where you are in wedding planning, reflect on your planning to see if your guest count estimate still feels accurate. Your guest count is the most important factor in your budget. We want to be sure your estimates are as correct as possible to avoid big budget increases at the last minute.
  • Revisit Your Inspiration: Does your mood board, Pinterest board, and wedding inspiration still feel accurate? If it could use a few tweaks, give it an update.
  • Update Your Inspiration: After any edits, add imagery of your specific choices so far to your mood board or Pinterest board. For example, rather than just the inspo place setting picture, add photos of the specific pieces you booked. This will make it visually much easier to pick other cohesive design elements.
  • Organize Your “Wedding Corner”: We recommend for couples to set aside a place in their home as a “wedding corner.” As you plan your wedding, you will source items you want and need for the wedding. It’s much easier to store all of these items in one place throughout the process than to try and find everything right before the wedding. If you haven’t already, create a wedding corner spreadsheet and list everything you have and what you still need to source.
  • Order Your Wedding Day Essentials: There are a few things we never service a wedding without. Often called a wedding day emergency kit, these tools can be an absolute lifesaver on a wedding day. Rather than waiting until right before the wedding, order the tools you need ahead of time. You can get our checklist of wedding day essentials here. After getting your corner organized, order what you still need.
  • Update Your Wedding Website: Update your wedding website with any new information. Things like hotel block booking links, your wedding dress code, or event details can be a big help for guests.
  • Book Any Needed Appointments: Is there anything you’ve been meaning to schedule? Schedule any needed appointments like site visits, vendor calls, bridal preview, tasting, or other appointments. After booking, be sure to add these appointments to your calendar.

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